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We glad to introduce ourselves as Akhil Bharatiya Chaurasia Mahasabha (Kol) is now officially available on Internet to release our community’s regular news, blog, updates and our social activity announcements.

Chaurasia Community is one of the most leading progressed business community in India. It spread across all over parts of India and known as different names with one strong and united unique identify as CHAURASIA. The main reason of starting this website is that our community’s highest intellectual peoples are spread across many countries too like USA, Australia and EUROPEAN countries where our brethren live, this website will united them under one umbrella to get together online with awareness of our community’s present activity.  For more Information, you can read on About us and History page.

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What our brethren says About usTestimonials

Ashish Modi
CEO Makwiz Technology
I am Ashish, Living in USA. I am very happy to see our own community website. Our family regularly visit the site to know news, updates of our community.
Keshav Modi
Director - KM & Co.
I am Keshav, Living in USA. I am very happy to see our own community website and I am regularly helping to maintain and update the website. Would like to stay connected.
Sujata Chaurasia
Student, UK
I am from UK, I study here and I miss my country and my community. I visit this website regularly to know present of my community. I feel happy when see this site.
Manoj Chaurasia
CEO MC Technology
I feel great honor to be part of this website and helping my community. I am very thankful our community executive committee who trust on me for this work.